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Learn About bulk molding compound

Bulk molding compound is basically a bulky mixture of fillers, chopped glass fibers and resin paste. The most common fiber used is usually E-glass fiber although other fibers such as carbon, sisal, chopped nylon, asbestos and aramid are preferred sometimes. Bulk molding compound is also referred to as dough molding compound and this is because it is normally mixed in a dough-like form and not in a sheet-form. Bulk molding compound is your go-to solution when you are in need of a composite that replaces metal but the part is too complicated to use traditional composite sheets. The following article seek to educate you on some of the most things you should know about bulk molding compound.

Another thing you should know about bulk molding compound is its benefits. Firstly, it is lightweight. Undeniably, bulk molding compound is lighter compared to aluminum and has higher tensile strength. Other than that it is totally easy to fabricate compared to the other continuous fiber composites. The second benefit is the fact that it is very strong. Bulk molding compound is usually fabricated into complex parts through compression molding. This is a process that makes these compounds exceed the load-bearing capacities of metals. You should be aware of the fact that bulk molding compounds have a higher corrosion resistance. Other merits of bulk molding compounds include low density, resistance to heat, UV stability, minimal shrink and expansion, electrical insulation and stability and smoke and flame retardance.

It is also vital to know more about applications of bulk molding compounds. Bulk molding compounds are normally molded into thermoset composites and this makes them easily applicable in very many industries. Bulk molding compounds are essential in manufacture of appliance parts. Since bulk molding compounds are made of inert materials, they are great when it comes to the manufacture of appliance parts exposed to heat and cold. This is applicable in manufacturing products such as doorknobs, kick plates, and trim. These compounds are also great for HVAC components as they have nonreactive characteristics such as being able to resist rust and no damage from UV exposure. Bulk molding compounds are also beneficial to the lighting components. Since they are track resistance, they tend to bring about diverse lighting options or alternatives for they are used in motor controls, circuit breakers and insulators. Other than that, they are used in special automotive parts. Most plastic components in vehicles are thermoset materials ensuring UV resistance, minimal shrink and heat resistance. The final one is marine application. Properties such as low density, corrosion resistance and low shrink are all characteristics of bulk molding compounds useful for any outboard accessories.

Another thing that the bulk molding compounds are known for is mass production. It is the speed and convenience of thermoset molding and the versatility of bulk molding compounds formulation that brings about rapidly produced, cost effective and replicable components. The speed and convenience of thermoset molding and versatility is a combination that ensures not only mass production but also quality control.

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