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Start a Wiki. Powered by. More info in our Cookies Policy page. Where you winding with that talking fuck I look like? Watermelondrea Jones Mad House Album songs 1.

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What the fuck I'm lookin' like?!

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"Freaky Girl" lyrics

Download Lyrics. I ain't never run from a fight So what the fuck I look like?! When is you birds gonna learn that lemme is not hot Can I have locked up bitch and gimme got shot Man they got me on that bullshit That buy me this, I need that bitch bullshit And still fuck Bet you see me wit a slut she a eight and better Gettin' straight dick and baby still waitin for chedda This one broad my lord, I be hatin' I met her She took it in every hole, for a disney face and a sweater Never beat around the bush I get straights to the point Directly after this we goin' straights to the joint And I don't wanna fuck, listen I'm goin' straghts dome Abd after the 1st nut ma, you straights goin' home I get crazy head, on the crazy reg. Umm let me think What could I do to kick it off how bout I cum all on your dick and then I lick it off. Watermelondrea Jones Mad House Album songs 1. Well fuck it I'll take a bullet for my niggas, so we can sign on the dotted line I spit like Kendrick with Hopsin's mind that makes sense We all got our style from Crooked right? Mixtape Monthly Vol 5:

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fuck i look like lyrics
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fuck i look like lyrics
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fuck i look like lyrics
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