How to enjoy on travelling

Is your passport is groaning under the weight of international ink? Do your friends forget which country you’re in? If you recognise any of these signs, you’ve been bitten hard by the travel bug in 2016.


1. There’s a big hole in your bank account

A long weekend away or a carefully planned backpacking trip might seem budget-friendly to begin with, but once you’ve been tempted by a tour of the Galápagos Islands or a week in Iceland searching for the Northern Lights things start to add up.

What was once a well-fed bank account is now a shadow of its former self. Its demise may have been inversely proportional to your growing happiness, but you’re starting to wonder whether you might need to find a cheaper passion – well, for the next few months at least.

2. Your kitchen is bare

Thanks to all the time you’ve spent on the road, your kitchen has seen better times. At least you’ve got enough miniature bottles of spirits pilfered from airlines and hotel rooms to keep you going for a while.


3. You need a new passport – again

Those celebratory stamps at Machu Picchu and Ushuaia are starting to look like a costly use of space. You still carry your ink-cluttered passport with pride, but you’re starting to resent the irritating regularity of having to renew it.

4. You receive a warm welcome on every flight

With all the time you’ve spent on a plane, you’re starting to become a pro at frequent flying. From charming the cabin crew to making the most of your air miles, you’ve got the system totally figured out.


5. You forget which language you’re speaking

Spasibo? Shukran? Thank you?

After mastering a handful of new languages this year (well, “two beers, please” at least), you’ve been left struggling to remember the correct way of saying “thanks” when you’re back on home turf.